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Foam Insulation & Roofing Solutions in Lubbock

SprayRite Foam is locally owned and operated in Lubbock, TX. We’re committed to providing the highest quality spray polyurethane foam, polyuria, elastomeric and urethane roof coatings, and other fluid-applied construction materials. This commitment allows us the ability to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, and create solutions that are both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Click Here to learn about our processes and procedures, and what sets SprayRite Foam apart from the rest!

Our services include:

  • New Construction
    Installed with other trades on site at the same point in construction when traditional insulation would be installed. This increases energy efficiency by up to 50%!
  • Retrofit
    Remove old insulation which can cause a vapor barrier, creating mold and mildew buildup and odors from varmint feces.
  • Commercial
    Extend the life of buildings, mechanicals, and inventory, eliminating the movement of moisture laden air through walls.
  • Metal Buildings
    Improve the structural integrity of your metal building, while increasing energy performance and air quality.